...to iPAD or not to iPAD...

iPAD Trial Plans and Iniative

Welcome Grade 11 Students and Parents to the iPAD pages of the IB Egham Wiki on the ACS Forum. Hopefully these pages over the coming weeks and months will be able to guide you through our exciting iPAD trial allowing all of you to utilise the tool in efficient and innovative ways that will help you achieve and perform better in the world of your IB Diploma studies. Below are some initial introduction and in the menu on the left hand side links to detailed information that you will need to get you up and running on the iPAD.

What the iPAD is and is NOT?

Some things to keep in mind...
... the iPad is not a computer replacement. It is a mobile device. Essentially, a giant iPod Touch. A dedicated computer e.g. your home PC is needed to serve as the host system for syncing. The operating system running on the iPad (iOS - same as iPod Touch & iPhone) is not a full operating system. Programs running on a computer will not run on iOS. The only programs e.g APPS that will run on iOS are available through the iTunes App Store. There are iOS versions of full operating system programs, but they do not have the full functionality you are accustomed to on a computer. iPads are great devices, and you will find them very useful, however it is important to keep them in perspective so you can get the most out of them without becoming frustrated (and yes, I am constantly experimenting with ways to push them to the limit). So what does this mean :-

  • if you are wanting to word-process the first draft of your Extended Essay document you would obviously start on a desktop/laptop and produce your first draft as the full size keyboard is easier to use and the screen is bigger - however you will then be able to upload to a Google Document and edit and update your document on the go with your iPAD
  • if you are wanting to produce a video you can do it in iMOVIE on the iPAD but for more professional effects and to see using a larger display you would probably use an iMAC or home desktop and Adobe Premiere Pro as the software application

It is simply using the right tool for the right job, and understanding how and when the iPAD fits in to help improve your learning.

The iPad is a device which needs to be connected to a single computer. You can have multiple mobile devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) on 1 computer, but you can not have a mobile device connected to multiple computers.Your iPAD although owned by the school is a personal device, and you should sync it to your home system. Adding the iPad to your list of iTunes devices is not a problem.

iPAD Implementation Plans

As a school we are excited to share our roll out an implementation including all the plans and organisation, successes and failures over the coming months. Please view a copy of the Initial Implementation Plan on the following pages. Note as with many 1-to-1 trials the implementation process is a fluid and recursive on in which reflection and review happen as quickly as possible to enable success and quick turnaround on any issues. The weblog - to iPAD or not to iPAD will highlight the day to day successes from both students and teachers points of view in the coming months and will then lead to any changes in the following important policies :-
  • Student Expectations
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Safe Use Advice
  • Insurance, Cover and Logistics

iPAD Tutorials, Workshops and The ACS Genius Bar Crew

Teachers and Students will be invited and participate in a series of short and snappy workshops (30 minutes no more) - covering a variety of areas and skills associated with iPAD use. These workshops will follow initially the iPAD tutorials and skills listed on the right - but will also involve more flexible APP OFF's and other workshops from the ACS Genius Bar Crew - more about them later.

iPAD Useful Links

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