The School has an Acceptable Use Policy for all devices used within the school by students and faculty. This obviously continues to be valid for the 1-to-1 iPAD programme however there students will sign an additional pledge of use as shown below :-

Student Pledge to be issued an Apple iPAD for Use at Home and in School

1. Students must abide by all school rules as outlined in the Student Handbook and Acceptable Use Policy.
2. Students are required to attend an induction process before they take ownership.
3. Students agree to participate in the trial using the iPAD as a tool in activities and assignments that are suitable to improve their learning.
4. Students and Parents agree to be responsible for proper care of the iPAD, that any damage or loss may result in financial liability in replacing the iPAD (up to £435). Damages for this pilot may be covered by school insurance. Each situation will be assessed and a reasonable conclusion will be agreed.
5. Students and Parents agree that any inappropriate use of the iPAD will result in school discipline that may include the loss of iPAD use or other sanctions according to the Student Handbook. Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Visiting inappropriate websites (at school all Internet access will go through the normal Bloxx filtering software)
  • Sending inappropriate email – or accessing, uploading, downloading, or distributing offensive, profane, threatening or obscene materials.
  • Cheating - including illegal installation or transmission of copyrighted materials. Use of chat rooms, sites selling term papers, book reports and other forms of student work
  • Jailbreaking their iPAD
6. Students and Parents agree that all apps and content to be installed on the iPAD (including music/media files) should be educationally or productivity focused.
7. Parents agree to monitor student use of the Internet while on their home network using the iPAD. Students and Parents agree that only the student may use the iPAD. Siblings and friends should not have use of the iPAD.
8. Students and Parents acknowledge that ACS Egham International School may search school issued iPADs at any time to verify contents.
9. Students leaving ACS Egham International School must return the iPAD.
10. Students will take good care of their iPAD as explained in the Code of Conduct.