As with any Technology the iPAD has many obvious advantages but also if used incorrectly or without thought of how we learn, work and rest can also bring disadvantages.

School Use

Please see Student Expectations and Acceptable Use Policy...

Home Use

Students will be able to take the iPAD home when the following form is signed. Note that the school may revoke this privilege at any time. Some notes on home use:
  • Pupils should charge iPADs at home and bring them to school fully charged.
  • Do not bring your charger or sync cable to school - the school will provide spares in the IB Diploma Centre.
  • It is important to limit continuous time using the iPAD and make sure to take continuous breaks

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Talk to your son/daughter about values and the standards that your children should follow on the use of the Internet just as you do on the use of all media information sources such as television, telephones, movies, and radio.
  • Should you want your son/daughter to opt out of having an iPAD, you will need to sign a form indicating this and understand that your son/daughter is still responsible for meeting the course requirements. We recommend even if the family has an iPAD that the student should accept a school iPAD specifically for educational use.
  • A concern may be that any money that is spent by the student or parents on APPS will be lost when the iPAD is returned, however, apps are purchased on your iTunes account and will remain your possession whether students are using the ACS iPAD or any other iTunes accessible device.
  • Parents are responsible for providing any content filtering or restrictions on their own networks.
  • If any equipment is lost, the student or parent must report it to the school immediately. Students can let a teacher or administrator know, and the staff member will assist him/her. The circumstances of each situation involving lost equipment will be investigated individually. As part of the program the ‘Find my iPhone’ application must be setup enabling a specific iPADs location to be found.